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导读:描写衣服的英语句子_衣服英语句子:时尚英语句子:穿衣打扮I like solid-color shirts 我喜欢素色的衬衫。What kind of material is this dress made from?这件衣服是什么质地的?This color is really good on you 这种颜色真的很适合你。Thi,推荐访问:衣服英语句子


I like solid-color shirts.


What kind of material is this dress made from?


This color is really good on you.


This new style is slimming.


You will look very elegant in the style.


I dod't think the blue shirt fite your complexion.


The style is in fashion now.


This is a big hit this summer.


The brown leather shoes go well with your trousers.


Do the earrings go with my hairstyle?


Do you think this blouse really suits me?


I like double-breasted garment with no belt. Could you show me some? 我喜欢双排扣无腰带的大衣,给我拿几件看看好吗?

I want a suit of good workmanship and suitable for formal meetings. 我想要一套做工好,适合参加正式会议的西装。

The suit matches your shoes perfectly.


You really have a good taste in selecting clothes.


You have a good eye for materials.


This one doesn't match the suit in color.


I'm going to wear my blue suit. Is that all right?


Wear wrap-around skirts to camouflage a bulging stomach,hips and derriere. 穿束腰连衣裙可以挡住你的大肚子和臀部。

Emphasize your good points. A belt for a slim waiat; short skirt for pretty legs. 突出你的优点。腰细的话就配条腰带,腿美的话就穿短裙。

You should have your suit cleaned and ironed.





1. Dress to Kill = wear one„s finest clothing



The reception for the new ambassador was quite lavish. Naturally, everybody was dressed to kill. Since it was a formal occasion, everyone was dressed in their finiest, most elegant clothes.


2. Knock Someone„s Socks Off = enthuse and excite 让人兴奋得连袜子都掉了。


A:Hi, John. What„s new?

嗨,约翰, 怎么样?

B: Oh, nothing too much with me, but you ought to see Nick„s new car. It„ll knock your socks off!

哦, 还那样.不过你真该看看尼克的新车. 那车真带劲!

3. Lose One„s Shirt = lose a great deal of money



B: What„s new with Doug these days?


A: He wasn„t doing so well. For one thing, he told me he lost his shirt at the races.


B: Doug has always liked to bet on the horses. I„m not surprised that he lost a great deal of money.


4. Wet Blanket = dull or boring person who spoils the happiness of others



James was not invited to go on the outing with the rest of the group because he„s such a wet blanket.


5. Dress to the Teeth = dressed elegantly



A: Did you see Hilda at the party last night?


B: Yes, I did. She was really dressed to the teeth!




National College Entrance Exams 高考

senior classes/graduating class 毕业班

practice tests 模拟考试

arts/social science classes 文科班

science classes 理科班

countdown counter 倒计时钟

night classes 夜课/晚自习

seating arrangement 排座位

class regulations and sanctions 班级规章制度

parents' meetings 家长会

morning reading 早读

school doctor 校医

broadcast talk 广播谈话

hourly rate hotel room 钟点房

examination venues 考试地点

heatstroke 中暑

mental pressure 精神压力

video surveillance 视频监控

exam cheating 考试作弊

traffic control 交通管制

Internet cafes closure 关闭网吧

blessing cards 祝福卡

exam registration numbers 准考证号

NCEE migrant 高考移民

credit file 诚信档案

Enrollment 高校招生

higher learning institution 高等教育机构

independent recruitment 自主招生

average college enrollment 平均录取率

key universities 重点大学

overseas universities 海外高校

employment market 就业市场

student loans 助学贷款

scholarship 奖学金

student subsidies 助学补贴

university ranking 高校排名

grade exam papers 判卷子

nominations from their headmasters 校长推荐制

equal access to education 教育公平

enrollment expansion of colleges 高校扩招

enrollment mark 录取分数线

preferential enrollment policy 录取优惠政策


Algeria - Star and crescent with one goal: Victory!

阿尔及利亚:星月结合只为一个目标:夺取胜利! Argentina - Last stop: Glory


Australia— Dare to Dream, Advance Australia


Brazil - The whole of Brazilis in here!


Cameroon - The Indomitable Lions are back


Chile- Red is the blood of my heart, Chile will be Champion

智利:我的心中流淌着红色的血液,智利将会是冠军。 Cote D'Ivoire - Elephants, let's fight for victory! 科特迪瓦:非洲大象,让我们为胜利而战!

Denmark - All you need is a Danish team and a dream 丹麦:你需要的是团队和梦想。





Can I help you? 我能为您效劳吗?

I'm just looking. 我只是随便看看。

I'm just browsing around. 我只是四处看看。

Please take your time. 请慢慢看。

Please yourself. 请便。

Please do so. 请随意。

As you please. 请随意。

Go right ahead, please. 请随意。

If you need any help, let me know. 您有什么需要帮助的尽管说。 Are you looking for something? 您在找什么东西?

Where is the men's skop? 男装柜台在哪儿?

I'm looking for the sweater counter. 我在找毛衣柜台。

Welcome,madam. Is there anything you want to buy here? 欢迎您,夫人。要买点什么东西吗?

What kind of clothe would you like to see? 你想看什么样的衣服? I'd like a suit. 我想买件套装。

I need a shirt. 我要买一件衬衫。

I hope I can find a pattern she loves. 我希望能挑一种她喜欢的。

I'm looking for a ... bag. 我在找一种……包。

I want to buy a swim suit. 我想买件游泳衣。

I'm looking for a pair of trousers. 我想买条裤子。

They are over here next to coats and accessories. 它们在这边,在大衣和饰品傍边。

I'm sure you can find a satisfactory one. 我肯定你能挑中一件称心如意的。 This jacket is for everyday wear. 这件短上衣供日常穿用。


Their designs are extraordinary and attractive. 它们的设计美观,很出色。 You will surely look wonderful in it. 你穿着一定很漂亮。

What about these shirt? 这件衬衣如何?

Then how about this one? 那么这件怎么样?

Do you see anything you like? 看到你喜欢的了吗?

Here. Look at this shirt. Try it on. 来这儿,看这件衬衫,试一试。 选款式常用的句子:

We havr many patterms for you to choose from. 我们有许多式样供你选择。

We have a fresh stock of all kinds of swim suit. 我们刚进了一批各式各样的游泳衣。

This sweater is novel and fashionable in design. 这种羊毛衫款式新颖。 Which style is the latest? 那种款式是最新的?

Is this the latest fashion? 这件是最新款式吗?

It's the latest fashion,very popular. 这是最新款式,非常流行。

It's a very popular style. 这件是很流行的款式。

It's very elegant and tasteful. 这件很高雅而且有品味。

What style do you want? 你想要什么样式的?{描写衣服的英语句子}.

What style do you prefer? 你喜欢什么式样的?

What style will be better on me? 什么样的款式更适合我?

Do you like this design? 你喜欢这个式样吗?

What do you think of this style? 你觉得这个式样怎么样?

How about this one? 这件怎么样?

How do you like this one? 你觉得这件怎么样?

How do you think it gose with a miniskirt? 你觉得这配一件迷你裙怎么样? Dose this design suit me? 这个款式适合我吗?

Which is better? 那件更好呢?

I want both of them. 两个我都想要。

These designs are quite unique. 这些样式很别致。

But don't you think the design is a bit too complicated? 但你不觉得这图案太复杂了一点吗?

This design is a bit too complex. 这款式有点太复杂了。

This one is a little tacky. 这件有点俗气。

I don't like it. 我不喜欢。

I prefer a simple style. 我更喜欢简洁的款式。

You'd better stick to conservative patterns. 你最好还是穿保守点的款式吧。 The styles here are too boring for me. 样式都不怎么样。

Those styles or colors don't suit me. 那些样式和颜色都不适合我。 选颜色常用的句子:

Which color do you prefer? 你喜欢什么颜色呢?

I'm not sure. 我也不确定。

We have various colors. 我们有不同的颜色。

Which color do you think suits me best? 你认为我穿哪种颜色最好看? I think a brighter one will be better. 我觉得亮一点的颜色会更好一些。 You look nice in yellow. 你穿黄色很好看。

It's too bright for me. 对我来说太亮了。

It's too flashy. 太艳了。。

It's too loud. 太花哨了。

Do you have this sweater in red? 你们有这种红色的毛衣吗?

I like dark color. 我喜欢深色。

Dose this color suit my complexion? 这个颜色适合我的肤色吗?

But I don't think the green one fits her complexion. Do you have any shirt in light color or tan? 但我认为绿色不适合她的肤色,有没有浅色或棕褐色的? How about this brown one? 这件棕色的怎么样呢?

It's too plain. 太素了。

It's too dark. 这颜色太深了。

The coat is a shade darker. 这件上衣颜色暗了点。

Ihis color looks a bit too loud. 这个颜色看起来有点太花哨了。

Do you have this in any other colors? 还有其他的颜色吗?

Any other colors? 还有其他的颜色吗?

Do you have this in blue? 有蓝色的吗?

You'd better not dress in this color. 你最好不要穿这个颜色。

You can't wear these two colors at the same time. 这两个颜色不能同时穿。 These two colors can't match. 这两个颜色不搭配。

Does the color fade easily? 这种颜色容易褪色吗?

Is it colorfast? 这不褪色吗?


What is the size of the shirt? 这件衬衣是什么尺码?

This dress comes in four sizes. 这衣服共有四种尺寸。

What size do you want? 你要什么尺寸的?

What size are you? 你穿多大号?

I don't know my size. 我不知道自己的尺码。

I'm a large. 我穿大号。

I want the small size. 我要小号的。

I need a medium/large size. 我要中号/大号。

The pants are bit too long. 裤子有点长。

Do you have this shirt in a small? 这件衬衫有小号的吗?

It's too small. 太小了。


The quality is not bad. 质量不错。

The sweater is of good quality. 这件毛衣质地很好。



Couturier高级时装设计师,女装店couture高级时装业mass-market大众市场milliner女帽商 Merchandise商品,货物;推销,经营garment 服装trim装饰,镶边embroider绣花

Cobbler鞋匠awl锥子last 鞋楦attire(文学用语)服装flying shuttle飞梭retailer零售商 spinning jenny珍妮纺纱机spindle锭子,纺锤spinner 纺纱工/传动齿轮power loom动力织机 cotton gin轧棉机,轧花机textile纺织品;纺织原料treadle脚踏板manufacturer生产商 franchise产品经销特许权runway时装表演走道distribution分配;销售paper patterns纸样 drafting table绘图桌fiber纤维fashion forecaster流行预测员sample样衣style No.款号

estimate估价description品名piece goods布匹,匹头mill No.厂号unit cost单价yardage码数 trimming辅料earned labor工费cut-mark裁剪operation加工finishing后整理

gross profit calculation毛利计算discount折扣sketch服装效果图;草图remark备注 body dimensions身体尺都,尺寸circumference ratios身体围度corset紧身胸衣


function函数cathexis满意度P/O(production order)生产制造单Ctns(cartons)纸箱件数 N.N.W.(net net weight)净净重CU.FT.(cubic foot)立方英尺wholesale批发silhouette轮廓 line型,款式,轮廓(商品品种系列);给衣服装衬里staple大路货,主要产品

version(同一物品稍有不同的)样式,复制品,版本overall外衣罩衫ready-to-wear成衣 patternmaker样板师fullness丰满度bodice女紧身上衣;上衣片grading放缩板,推板 swatch样品printed dress印花连衣裙care保养yard码数20(covered)20个包扣

belt loop饰带,带襻fuse热压hanger loop吊襻bonus红利marking划样;排料

total fabric cost织物总成本total labor cost合计人工成本total direct cost合计直接成本 stock yardage(产品的)原料,库存备料commitment承认款项jobber批发商;经纪人

terms期限;条款due应付的,到期的;约定的outstanding未完成的,未付款的lining里料 binder活页夹.活页本texture织物质地;材料的纹理,肌理crisp挺括的rayon粘胶长丝 fancy花式的;时兴的纺织品(或服装)denim粗斜纹棉布,劳动布gabardine华达呢 base goods基本商品,基本原料interlock双罗纹的cotton interlock棉毛布Lycra莱卡 crepe绉纱,绉布turn-time交货期限crotch length立裆tape皮尺ease松量

hemline(裤边、袖口等)边缝线vertical垂直的,直立的side seam边缝pleat褶,褶状物 dart省sloping倾斜的,有坡度的bisecting对角的woven fabric梭织物,机织织物

deduct减去,扣除moderately priced价格适中的terms of payment付款方式

gross(gro.,gr.)罗(=144个/12打)brisk demand需求活跃assortment种类,类别 specification规格cardboard carton纸箱draft at sight即期汇票trial order试订货

step up the trade促成交易prospective预期的,未来的 long-term interests长远利益

CIFC5%:CIF=cost,insurance and freight成本,保险加运费C=commission佣金

CIFC5% New York per piece in RMB纽约抵岸价,包括5%的佣金,以每件人民币(元)计算confirmed,irrevocable L/C(letter of credit)保兑的不可撤销的信用证

The cast-offs丢弃的服装be hand sewn/woven 手工缝制/织造 order主流/订单/秩序

A fabric dealer面料交易商textile纺织品the business suit商务装a patent专利a loom织布机

A frame机架a single wheel一个皮带轮mill制造厂mass-producing textile批量生产的纺织品 Sewing machine缝纫机chic流行的 round neck line圆领size XXL XXL码 treadle踏板 licenses许可证 franchises专卖店fashion communications时尚传媒

fashionista时尚达人(小模特)muted color安静色,冷静色pint-sized小体型的

spring and fall collections/lie春秋装系列dress length裙子长度at the drafting table绘图桌上 end-product制成品的modem line调制解调器place orders下单contemporary当代的

accessories配饰run show=catwalk T台merit价值marker making排料holing开眼

modify修饰one school一个学派measure尺度proportion比例the Golden Ratio黄金比例分割 novelty差异性plump丰满的maternal多产的hourglass shape沙漏affluence富裕

the waist-hip ratio(WHR)腰臀差outer外表的perception感知attribute特征,属性

business venture经营项目(尤指有风险的)variable变量function函数a visual unit视觉单元 the Gestalt effect 格式塔效应ill-fitting branded garment不合身的衣服 the nude body裸体

the bust line胸围线perspective technique透视法a straight pointed collar尖领a square face方脸 an oval face椭圆脸型performance性能texture质地refabrication重新编造

young junior customer青少年部work overall工装general fashion trend总的流行趋势 wash-and-wear洗可穿high-priced garment高价位的服装trims and findings装饰和附件

line产品sketches and swatches效果样品册in-store promotion店内促销a trunk show展销会 textile constructions组织结构dyestuff染料piece-goods salespeople布匹销售人员

substantial大批量的 collect on delivery(COD)货到付款jobber批发商be 60-net60天后付款 contractor承包商styling determines success以款式取货a color card色卡

on delivery date在交货期duplicate and stock yardage复制和库存配料draping悬垂性 a loose-leaf binder活页夹novelty新颖fancy woven pattern有趣的机织物组织

textured wovens花式针织物base goods大路货solid colors纯色denim garment牛仔服装 silk-like polyester涤纶纺丝织物shrinkage and durability收缩性和耐久性

a built-in market内置市场volume purchases批量购买knit or weave机织或针织

confirmed/projected sales固定的/计划的销售额in quantity批量color fastness染色牢度 a horizontal line水平线half the hip measurement臀围的一半square up垂直向上

the side侧缝线make up休整pattern纸样/印染图案/组织


天然纤维:natural fiber 化学纤维:chemical fiber 棉纤维:cotton fiber 亚麻纤维:linen…. 黄麻…. :jute fiber 大麻…:hemp fiber 剑麻…:sisal fiber 羊毛:wool fiber 开司米cashmere 涤纶:polyester 腈纶:acrylic 锦纶:nylon 粘胶:viscose 氨纶:spandex石棉纤维:asbestos 矿物质纤维:mineral fiber 丝:filament yarn 短纤纱:staple yarn 白胚布:gray fabric 面料:shell fabric里料:lining fabric 衬料:interlining fabric

机织织物:woven fabric 针织织物:knitting fabric 平纹织物:plain weave fabric

斜纹织物:twill fabric 缎纹织物:satin fabric

腰带:belt 纽扣:button动物骨纽扣:animal bone button 蝴蝶结:bow 滚条:binding tape 洗水唛:care label 尺码:size label 商标:brand name 主唛:main label 蕾丝:lace 粘合衬:fusible interlining 松紧带:elastic 铆钉:rivet 罗纹-罗口:ribbon

垫肩:shoulder pad 按扣、掀纽:snap 线:thread 缝纫线:sewing thread

绣花线:embroidery thread 拉链:zipper 隐形拉链:invisible zipper

出厂价格:ex-price 批发价格:wholesale price 零售价格:retail price 最终价格:final price 地理定价:geography pricing 价格折扣:discount 季节折扣:seasonal discount

差额定价:differential pricing 组合定价portfolio pricing

试衣间:fitting room 手帕:handkerchief 袜子:socks 手套:gloves 打底裤:leggings 体型分类:somatotype 体型特征:figure characteristic 正常体:normal figure

标准体:standard figure 中间体:standard figure 挺胸体:erect figure 后倾体:lean-back figure 前倾体:lean-front figure 驼背体:stooping figure 鸡胸体:pigeon-chested figure

弓背体:hunch figure 高胸体:high bust figure 平胸体:low bust figure

凸肚体:abdominous figure凸肚挺胸体:abdominous and erect figure 厚实体:thick figure

凸肚驼背体:abdominous and stooping figure 扁平体:flat figure 瘦长体:thin and tall figure 肥胖厚实体:flesh and thick figure 长颈体:long neck figure 短颈体:short neck figure 耸肩体:high shoulder 平肩体:square shoulder 垂肩体/溜肩体:low shoulder

高低肩体:high square shoulder 肩胛骨突出体:scapulae prominent 蜂腰体/细腰体:wasp 桶腰体:bucket-shape waist 粗腰体:thick waist 平臀体:flat hip 凸臀体/高臀体:high hip 落臀体:low hip O型腿体型:O-shape thigh X型腿体型:X-shape thigh 粗腿体:thick thigh 细腿体:slender figure

中性包装:Neutral packing散装:in bulk/in loose packing 裸装:nude packing

销售包装:consumer pack大包装/小包装:large/small packing外包装:outer packing

麻袋:jute bag 聚酯袋:polyethylene bag 纸袋:5-ply paper bag 尼龙网袋:polyethylene bag 拉链袋:zippered bag箱子:case/chest 盒子:box 木箱:wooden case 纸箱:carton case 集装箱:container 纸板箱:cardboard carton 三合板:three-ply wood case 筒:drum 瓶装/罐装;bottle/can

拍卖会:auction 鸡尾西服:cocktail dress 奶油色:buttery 象牙色:lvory

双排扣裙子:pair down dress 烂花:burn-out 皮革:fur 格子织物:check条子织物:stripe 牛仔:jeans 帆布:duck 防水布:water proof fabric


Taffeta/plain/塔夫绸/平原/ Twill/drill斜纹布/钻 Satin/charmeuse砂光/缎子



Georgette乔其纱Jeanet /denim牛仔 Duck/cambric亚/麻纱 Gray fabric坯布

Elastic fabric弹力面料 P/C ;T/R 涤棉混纺织物/ 涤纶人造丝

Peach skin桃皮绒 Leather皮革 Fur毛皮

Flameproof fabric/ waterproof fabric矿用隔爆型面料/防水面料

Towel cloth/loop pile毛巾布/圈绒 Melton梅尔顿 Yarn dyed fabric色织面料

Khaki drill卡其色钻 Serge哔叽 Seersucker泡泡纱 Velveteen平绒 Velvet丝绒 Corduroy灯心绒 Flocked fabric植绒布 Spandex/elastic/lycra氨纶/弹性/莱卡


1 除了尺码和工艺外,细心的顾客通常还关注衬衫的外观、舒适性、耐久性、可洗涤性和合身性。

In addition to size and workmanship, the careful buyer is generally interested in the appearance of the shirt, its comfort, durability, launderability and suitability.


Easy care, particularly wash-and-wear, is an important part of making a satisfactory garment, and a satisfactory garment is one that performs well and looks beautiful.


Fabric aesthetics include color, pattern, luster, and hand.


Most customers touch a garment immediately after being visually attracted to it, so the hand (feel ) of the fabric is as important as its appearance.


It is essential to select correct sewing threads before garment assembling.

6 通常服装公司分为三个主要部门:设计部门、生产部门和销售部门。设计师实际上是所有这些部门的参与者。

The average apparel firm is divided into three major departments design, production and sales. The designer is actually a participant in all three departments.

7一件衣服最终使用那一种缝纫线,应根据面料的厚度、服装的款式及线缝的牢度而定。 The final choice of threads would depend on fabric thickness garment style and required seam strength.


The functional performance of a fabric refers to its utility and durability as a component of the garment.


Vertically striped garments make the wearer appear slimmer and flatter the figure.

10 服装的轮廓非常重要,因为它告诉样板师一条裙子、一只袖子或大身的丰满度。

The silhouette or shape of the garment is important because it tells the patternmaker how much fullness should be in a skirt, sleeve or bodice.


The first step in creating a new line is to research fashion and consumer trends. Generally the designer will begin by investigating color trends.


“warm” clothing mean

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