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导读:2016到2017学年度第一学期阶段性质量调研亲七年级英语试题_2016-2017学年度校历:2016-2017学年人教版七年级第二次质检英语试卷含答案2016—2017学年度第一学期第二次阶段性学业水平测七年级英语试题 (Units 5-7)一、单选( 25分)(一)选择单词中画线部分的读音。 ( )1 meat ( )2 fast ( )3 ,推荐访问:2016-2017学年度校历



七年级英语试题 (Units 5-7)

一、单选( 25分)

(一)选择单词中画线部分的读音。 ( )1. meat ( )2. fast ( )3. good ( )4. fun ( )5. hot ( )6. lion ( )7. eeg ( )8. thank ( )9. who ( )10. photo (二)语言知识运用

( )11. I don’t have a basketball , ____ I have a ping-pong ball.

A. and

B. but

C. or C. us, sound C. have , have C. plays , with C. an, don’t like C. Yes, they have C. Does, doesn’t C. boring

A. /i:/ A. /æ/ A. / ɔ:/ A. /Λ/ A. /əʊ/ A. /e/ A. /k/ A. /θ/ A. /w/ A. /∫/

B. /I/ B. /eI/ B. /u:/ B. /u/ B. / ɒ / B. /æ/ B. /g/ B. /ð/ B. /h/ B. /f/

C. /e/ C. /a: / C. / ʊ/ C. /a:/ C. / a:/ C. /aI/ C. / dʒ/ C. /∫/ C. /tr/ C. /p/

( )12. —Let _____ watch TV. — That _______ good .

A. we , sounds A. has, has A. play , and

B. us, sounds B. have , has B. play , with

( )13. —Does your sister _______ any volleyballs ? —Yes, she _____ some.

( )14. He often _____ ping-pong ______ his classmates after class.

( )15. It is ____ interesting book, but my brother ______ it .

A . a, doesn’t like A . No, they do A. Do , does A. interesting

B. an, doesn’t like B. Yes, they do B. Does , does B. fun

( )16. —Do they have basketball? — ___________.

( )17. —____ John have a soccer ball? —No, he ______.

( )18. I don’t like maths. I think it is ________.


( )19. They play _____ basketball every day. A. a

B. /

C. the

C. are , the same C. apple for ( )20. My brother and I _____ in _______ school .

A. am , a same A. egg of

B. are , same B. rice for ( )21. She has lots of _________lunch.

( )22. The girl _____ is my sister . A. in red

B. of red

C. with red

( )23. — _________________? — Yes, please. I need a skirt .

A. What do you like ? B. Can I help you ? C. How much is ( )24. They buy books _______ a good price .

A. at

B. on

C. to ( )25. The shirt is very nice. I’ll ________ it .

A. bring

B. take

C. like

二、补全对话 (5分) A: Good afternoon!

B: Good afternoon! Can I help you? A: . B: .

A: I like blue. I think a blue sweater is nice. B: Do you like this one? It looks good! A: . B: Thirty dollars.

A: Oh, it’s not cheap. Do you have other sweaters? B: A: It looks nice. .


the skirt ?

三、阅读理解(20 分)


This is my brother,Mike. He plays soccer every day. He has two volleyballs. He has three basketballs and five soccer balls. He watches volleyball, basketball and soccer on TV. He plays sports every day. I am Tom. I have only one basketball, two ping-pong balls. I don’t play basketball every day. I play ping-pong every evening. ( )31. Mike is Tom’s _________.

A. cousin

A. five A. five A. four

B. friend B. four B. four B. three B. basketball


My name is Gina Green. I’m a girl of No .5 Middle School. We have many sports clubs at school. I like sports and I play volleyball very well. I watch volleyball games on TV every day. They are interesting. I have a great sports collection (收藏)。In my room, you can see five volleyballs, three basketballs, three ping-pong bats , four soccer balls and many tennis rackets. But I don’t play soccer or ping-pong. Soccer is boring, and ping-pong is difficult for me. Tennis and basketball are fun . Let’s play tennis. You don’t like tennis? Well , let’s play basketball. ( )36. Which school is Gina Green in ?

A. No .15 Middle School B. No .5 Middle School ( )37. What clubs does Gina’s school have?

A. Music

B. Art

C. Sports C. volleyball C. 4 C. difficult

C. No .5 Primary School

C. brother C. three C. three C. one

C. volleyball

( )32. Mike has ______ basketballs.

( )33. Mike has ______ soccer balls .

( )34. Tom has _____ basketball(s).

( )35. Tom plays _______ every evening . A. ping-pong

( )38. What sport is Gina good at (擅长)?

A. basketball B. ping-pong ( )39. How many soccer balls are there in Gina’s room?

A. 2

B. 3

( )40. What does Gina think of ping-pong ?

A. boring

B. fun





第一卷 (选择题 共75分)


A) 听对话回答问题


1. What can the man buy in this shop ?


2. Which is the girl's favourite season?


3. What are they talking about?


4. What's the girl's favourite festival?

A. B. C.


C. B. C. B. C.

5. When is Sandy's birthday?

A. On 15th September. B. On 15th December. C. On 16th December.

6. Whose lantern is on the table?

A. Amy's. B. Peter's. C. Frank's.

7. When is Alice’s birthday?

A. In June. B. In July. C. In January.

8. What does the girl think of the first blouse?

A. Cheap. B. Beautiful. C. Expensive.

9. Where does Daniel sit?

A. Near the door. B. In front of Simon. C. Behind Simon.

10. What does the girl NOT do at Spring Festival?

A. Watch TV. B. Eat dumplings. C. Make cards.

B) 听对话和短文回答问题

你将听到一段对话和两篇短文,各听两遍。听每段对话或短文前,你将有时间阅读相关小题,每小题5秒钟;听完后,每小题你仍有5秒钟的时间选择你认为最合适的备选答案。 听第一段对话,回答第11-12小题。答题完毕,请等待“嘀”的信号,进入第一篇短文。

11. How does Tommy go to school?

A. By bus. B. By bike. C. On foot.

12. What does Tom usually do after school?

A. He plays tennis. B. He plays with his brother.

C. He takes his dog for a walk.


14. A. meat and rice B. rice, fish and an apple C. noodles and fish

15. A. bread, eggs and soup B. rice, meat and vegetables

C. soup, meat and vegetables


16. The girl wants to be a designer because she likes .

A. fashion B. designing C. models

17. What is NOT her design?

A. A pair of jeans. B. A coat. C. Boots.

18. What is the sweater made of?

A. Cotton. B. Leather. C. Wool.

19. What colour are the trousers?

A. Pink. B. White. C. Black.

20. What two things have the same(相同的) colour?

A. The coat and the sweater. B. The coat and the trousers.

C. The boots and the sweater.




21. — Hi, Joan. What do you often do after school?

— I like table tennis. So I play table tennis my mother every day.

A. on B. with C. at D. of

22. — Alice, I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

— That’s good. And I hope your dream can .

A. look great B. feel happy C. come true D. get angry

23. — How many boys and girls are there under the tree?

— There a boy and three girls.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

24. — Mum, can I wear my boots?

— pair? The long boots?

A. What B. Why C. Which D. How

25. — Well, Wendy. do you watch TV?

— TV, hmmm, less than once a week. I don’t have much time.

A. How often B. How long C. How much D. How far

26. Sandy thinks moon cakes are too sweet. She eats them.

A. often B. always C. usually D. seldom

27. —Does the computer you lots of money?{2016到2017学年度第一学期阶段性质量调研亲七年级英语试题}.

—Yes. It's more than 8,000 yuan.

A. spend B. cost C. take D. buy

28. Welcome to our school, Shirley. I will you around our school.

A. look for B. look at C. turn D. show

29. Wendy needs , so she doesn’t eat snacks between meals.

A. keep fit B. to keep fit C. do homework D. to do homework

30. —May I have juice?

—Sorry, there isn’t in the bottle.

A. some; any B. any; some C. some; some D. any; any

31. Children and I had a great time at Christmas, and got many presents.

A. us B. we C. them D. they

32. Read the following words. Pay attention to the sounds of the letter groups. Which one is pronounced //? 33. Amy, if you want to read the story book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, you can the book from the school library.

A. lend B. take C. borrow D. carry

34. — Hello, what can I do for you?

— . He likes a red hat.

A. Oh, that’s too cheap for my father. B. No, thanks. I want the gift.

C. I’d like to buy a gift for my mother. D. I’d like to buy a gift for my father.

35.EQ:— Do you surely know what the Snow White found in the forest if you read the story book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales?

— Yes. I know the Snow White found in the forest.

A. A castle. B. A farm. C. A schoolhouse. D. A small house.

三、完型填空 (本题共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


One day Mr. Brown sees a young woman in the street with children. He is very surprised (惊讶的)because all the children are the same(相同的) clothes---white hats, blue coats and yellow trousers.

“Are they all your ?” he asks the woman.

“Yes, they are.” she .

“Do you always them in the same clothes?” asks Mr. Brown.

“Yes,” answers the mother. “When we only four children, we dressed them in the same clothes because we didn't to lose (失去)any of them. It was to see our children other children because they were all wearing the same clothes. And now we have ten, we dress them like this because we don't want to take other children by mistake(无心的). When there are other children among ours, it is easy to see them because their clothes are ."

Mr. Brown tells us about her story. He thinks the woman loves their children and is very kind, but maybe she can’t know her children. What do you think of the woman?

36.A. finding

37.A. children

38.A. asks

39. A. dress

40.A. woke

41.A. begin

42.A. easy

43.A. after

44.A. out

45.A. comfortable B. wearing B. students B. thinks B. change B. found B. want B. happy B. before B. inside B. nice C. dressing D. borrowing C. players D. shopkeepers C. knows D. answers C. keep D. take C. saw D. had C. hate D. love C. difficult D. sad C. among D. between C. home D. here C. cheap D. different

四、阅读理解 (本题共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)



Do you enjoy listening to music? Our classmates will play all kinds of music next week. You needn’t play and just watch. Here is what they will play.

46. There will be shows in the morning.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

47. The writer writes this passage to tell students to A. listen to music B. play music

C. come to the classroom D. learn to play music


Look at the girl in the picture. She is an English pop singer. Her

name is Connie Talbot. She is only 11. But she could sing Over the

Rainbow well on TV at six. Her grandmother likes her very much and

often asks her to sing for her.

Connie’s grandmother is not healthy. But for her, it is a relaxing

thing to hear Connie sing. “She sings really well.” her grandmother says.

Connie is good at English and math, too. She does well at school. She likes French fries(炸薯条) very much and often eats them at home.

Connie is a star now. But her mother only wants her daughter to be healthy.

48. What’s the girl’s family name?

A. Connie. B. Talbot. C. Rainbow. D. Smith.

49. Connie’s often asks her to sing.

A. mother B. father C. grandmother D. grandfather




(答卷时间:120分钟; 满分:100分)

(说明:考试结束后,学生只须交答题纸,试卷不要交,但请自己保管好,以备讲评试卷时使用。) Ⅰ.听力

A. 听对话,选择最佳答案 (每题0.5分,共5分) ( )1. What’s the weather like today? A. B.

( )2. Where is the girl from?



( )3. What are the boots made of?



( )4. What time is it now?

A. B.

( )5. How old is Kitty?

A. 14.

B. 40.

( )6. How many hours is the library open?

A. Two hours.

B. Four hours. ( )7. What does Tom want to be?

A. A basketball player. B. A policeman.

( )8. What does the boy like doing?

A. Listening to music. B. Playing football. ( )9. How often does the man exercise? A. Seldom. B. Every day. ( )10. What colour is the girl’s mask?

A. It’s blue.

B. It’s yellow.

B. 听对话或独白,选择最佳答案(每题1分,共9分)听下面一段对话,回答11-12小题 ( )11. What day is it today?

A. It’s Monday.

B. It’s Thursday.





C. 44.

C. Six hours. C. A football player. C. Reading story books. C. On Sunday morning. C. It’s green.

C. It’

s Friday.

( )12. Who likes Biology?

A. Millie. B. Mike. 听下面一段对话,回答13-15小题 ( )13. Where is the CD?

A. In the schoolbag.

( )14. Whose CD is it?

A. Peter’s.

B. Tom’s.

C. Mike’s.

( )15. Which class is the cousin in? A. Class One.

B. Class Two.

C. Class Three.

听下面一段独白,回答16-19小题 ( )16. What kind of clothes does Amy want? A. A new T-shirt.

B. A new skirt.

C. A new coat.

( )17. Why doesn’t Amy buy the green one in the first clothes shop? A. Because it’s too small. A. Blue.

B. Because it’s too big. C. Because it’s too dear. B. Green.

C. Red.

C. 55 dollars.

( )18. Which is Amy’s favourite colour?

( )19. How much does Amy spend on the new clothes? A. 40 dollars.

B. 45 dollars.

Ⅱ. 单项选择(每题0.5分,共10分) ( )20. —What ______ big fish it is!

—So it is! And ______ fish is my favorite food. A. /; /

B. a; the

C. /; the

D. a; /

( )21. —Shall we go and buy some fruit? —Yes. I want to buy ______ apples.

A. a lot

B. a little

C. a kilo

D. a few

( )22. He is ______ to buy ______ for his parents. A. rich enough, enough present

B. enough rich, enough presents D. enough rich, presents enough C. is

D. are

C. rich enough, enough presents A. have

Festival. A. in; for

B. on; at

C. on; of

D. in; of D.two another

( )25. He needs ______ hamburgers because he is very hungry. A.two more

B.more two

C.other two

( )26. —Which of the following words has the same sound as the “s” in the word “”?

C. Mr Black.

B. On the book. C. On the desk.

( )23. My favourite food _______ dumplings and rice.

B. has

( )24. Chinese people usually enjoy the moon ______ the evening ____ the Mid-Autumn

—Let me see. That’s .

A. cook

B. to cook

C. cooking

D. cooks

( ) 27. It takes Mr Wang 20 minutes _______ lunch every day. ( ) 28. —Would you like to have _____ coffee?

—No, thanks. I don’t want _____ drinks now. A. any; any hours a day.

A. is open; opens B. opens; is open C. is opening; is open ( )30. I just don't know _____ myself. A. to buy what for

C. what to buy to

B. what to buy for D. to buy what to

D. opens; is opening

B.any; some

C.some; some

D.some; any

( )29. The shop near my home ______ at seven in the morning and it ______ for twelve

( )31. —My family will go to Hainan to spend the winter holiday. —That sounds great. ______. A. Have fun

B. Good luck D. See you then C. the other C. she; it C. each

D. others D. her; its D. every

C. Best wishes for you A. other A. her; it A. both —______. A. You are welcome C. That’s right —______. A. I think so.

B. It’s made in China. D. It’s wonderful.

C. It’s about travel.

B. All right D. That’s all right

( )32. I don’t like this dress. Please show me ______ one.

B. another B. she; its B. all

( )33. Amy likes her little dog very much, and ____ walks ____ every day. ( )34. There are many trees on ______ side of the street. ( )35. —Sorry, I’m late.

( )36. —What do you think of the DVD?

( )37. —______ do you take ______? —Every day. And I am very healthy. A. How often; exercise C. How much; exercise

B. How long; exercises D. How many; exercises

( )38. It’s polite to the door first before you go into someone else’s room.

A. find out B. knock on C. shout at D. look for

( A. one million, two hundred and eight

C. ten thousand, two hundred and eight

Ⅲ. 完形填空(每题1分,共10分)

阅读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的选项中选出一个最佳选项。 Do you like shopping? My like shopping very much. Let tell you something about their shopping habits(习惯). My brother loves sports shops. He many tennis shoes in his room. Some of them are still(仍然) in their original(最初的) . Daisy is my sister. She likes to go to a big shopping mall with her friends in the centre of the city. There are clothes shops and shops there. She usually shops first and then eats some nice food. She thinks it’s very online(网上购物), she doesn’t have much time to go to shops and she can many things in a short time. As for my father, he likes to make a shopping list before going shopping. And he usually goes to the near my home. He thinks it’s convernient(方便的) and the shoppers there are helpful. ( )40. A. family ( )41. A. her

( )42. A. socks ( )43. A. paints ( )44. A. boxes ( )45. A. book ( )46. A. bad ( )47. A. after ( )48. A. buy ( )49. A. school

B. friends B. them B. shoes B. borrows B. desks B. food B. difficult B. before B. borrow B. office

C. classmates C. me

C. jackets C. wants C. photos C. watch C. tired C. so C. eat

D. teachers D. us D. T-shirts D. has D. schoolbags D. bag D. wonderful D. sell D. library

B. one million, two hundreds and eight D. ten thousands, two hundreds and eight

D. because

C. supermarket

Ⅳ. 阅读理解(每题1.5分;共21分)



David likes to eat in KFC. He often eats a chicken hamburger and French fries. Most people working in KFC know David very well. Sometimes they often ask him, “How many times do you eat chicken hamburgers and French fries a week?” David will answer, “Three times a week.” “Why do you like KFC better?” They ask. “Because every time I can get a small toy car.” People around him laugh and say, “Why don’t you go to the toy store?” “Because in the toy store they don’t have KFC.”

( )50. Where does David like to eat?

A. In KFC.

B. In the toy store. D. At home. B. Always

D. Three times a week.

B. Because he often gets a toy car. D. Because he often goes there.

C. In the restaurant.

A. Sometimes.

C. Every day.

( )51. How often does David go to KFC?

( )52. Why do people working in KFC know David? A. Because he often eats chicken hamburgers. C. Because he often makes people laugh.


People may have many different hobbies during their life. When we are very young, we usually play with toys. When we get older, we may go out for a sport like football. Now, let's

look at these children's hobbies.

( )53. Who does Jim often go fishing with?

A. His father. B. His grandfather. C. His uncle. D. His cousin. ( )54. What does Sue do on Saturday afternoon?

A. She visits her friends.

B. She reads her favourite books. D. She does her homework at home.

C. She goes cycling with her friends.

( )55. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Jim likes eating fishing very much. B. May has fun cycling every Sunday.

C. Sometimes Bob's friends buy him some stamps. D. Books are important for Sue and she reads every day





1.下列两个字母都是元音字母的一组是 A.LI B. IJ C. OP D. IO 2. —What’s this? —___________

A. It’s a orange. B. It’s an map. C. It’s an jacket. D. It’s a cup. 3. My phone number is 987-0326. It reads(读作) _______.

A. nine eight six, zero three two six B. nine eight seven, zero three two six C. eight nine seven, zero three two six D. nine seven eight, zero three two six 4. —___________ —Yes, I’m Mike.

A. What’s your name? B. What are you? C. Are you Mike? D.Who areyou? 5. This is _______ UFO.

A. a B. an C. The D. the 6. She _____ my mother. Her name ______ Mary.

A. are; am B. is; is C.are; is D.are; are 7. Her name is Gina Green. Her last name is __________.

A. Gina B. green C. Gina Green D. Green 8. —Oh, your jacket is _______. —Thank you.

A. nice

B. middle C. green

D. red

9. — Good afternoon, Mrs. Brown. How are you? — ___________.

A. Good afternoon. B. That’s all right.C. How are you? D. I’m fine, thank you.

10. — ________ is that?

—It’s black.

A.How color B.What color C.What’s color D.What’s 11. — Your map is very nice. — __________.

A. Thanks you B. Thank C. Thank you D. That’s OK

12. The ruler and the pencil _____ blue. A.is B.are C.am D.be 13. What’s this _______ English?

A.in B.on C.to D.for

14. — _____ you Mrs. Brown? — Yes, I _____.

A.Is;are B.Is;is C.Are;am D.Am;is 15. — _____________ — Nice to meet you, too.

A.How are you? B.Nice to meet you. C.Hello! D.Good morning!

16. — Hello, I’m Gina.

— _______________

A.Hi, Gina. I’m Alan. B.Good morning!C.Yes, I’m. D.How are you?

17. — ______ your phone number?

— It’s 187-3456-8233.

A.What’s B.How’s C.What D.Where’s

18. — How ___ he?

— He is fine.

A.are B.is C.am D.be 19. _______ name is Mike. _______ is in China.

A. He; His B. His; He C. She; His D. Her; She 20. — What’s ____ telephone number?

— ______ 156-7544-4534.

A.your;It’s B.his;Its C.his;It D.he;It’s


Good morning, everyone! I’m Gina Green. is my first name. Green is my name. I am English girl. I’m in China now. My favorite(最喜欢的) is red. My telephone is 627-6059. I have(有) a friend. His is Frank. is his favorite color. Look(看)! His cup and jacket are blue. his telephone number? It’s 880-7532. He and I in the same(同一个) school. Mr. Smith is English teacher. But(但是) my English teacher is Mrs. Smith. 21. A. Gina 22. A. first

B. Green C. Tina B. last

D. Brown

C. middle D. English

23. A. a B. an C. the D. / 24. A. map

B. cup

C. color

D. ruler

25. A. school B. friend C. jacket D. number 26. A. key 27. A. Blue

B. pen

C. name D. phone

D. Yellow D. How’s

B. White C. Red

28. A. What B. What’s C. How

29. A. am B. is C. are D. / 30. A. her B. your C. my D. his



I am Li Qin. This is Mr. Smith. He is an English man. He isn’t an English teacher. But Mrs. Smith is an English teacher. Mrs. Smith and I are both English teachers. We are good friends. We work in the No. 2 Middle School. It’s a nice school. 31. My name is _______.

A. Mr. Smith

B. Li Qin

C. Mrs. Smith

D. Ms. Smith

32. _______ isn’t an English teacher. A.Li Qin 33. Li Qin is _______. A. Mr. Smith’s teacher C. English

34. Mr. Smith is _______.

A. an English man C. Li Qin’s teacher 35. _______ are good friends. A. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith C. Mrs. Smith and Li Qin

B. Mr. Smith and Li Qin D. The Smiths


Hello, boys and girls. My name is Li Qiang. My English name is Michael. I am from(来自) Shanghai, China. I am eleven years old. Now I am in No.1 Middle School. I am in Class Three, Grade Seven. My new QQ number is 403654749. I have(有) a good friend(朋友). His name is Mike. He is from Canada. We are in the same(相同的) class. My English is not very good. He helps(帮助) me with my English.

根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F)。 36. Li Qiang is an English boy. ( )

37. Li Qiang is a teacher in No.1 Middle School. ( ) 38. Mike is Li Qiang’s good friend. ( ) 39. Mike and Li Qiang are in the same class. ( ) 40. Mike’s English is not very good. ( )


B. an English teacher

D. Chinese

B. Mrs. Smith’s teacher D. an English teacher

B. Mrs. Smith

C. Mr. Smith

D. Ms. Smith

41. Alice has a _______________.

A. key B. ruler C. quilt D. jacket 42. Bob’s jacket is ______________.

A. red B. blue C. yellow D. green 43. Is Cindy’s ruler white?

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is C. No, it is. D. We don’t know.

44. ____________ has a green pen.

A. Helen B. Bob C. Frank D. Alice 45. What color is the key?

A. Black. B. White. C. Green. D. Red.




1. 默写出26个字母的大小写(每个字母0.5分,计13分)

2. 默写出5个元音字母的大小写(每个字母1分,共5分)

五、单词拼写,根据提示写出正确的单词 (每空1分,共10分) 1. — How are you? — I’m fine, t__________. 2. This is an E_________ book. 3. My j________ is orange. I like it. 4. — Can you s________ it?

— Yes, “R-U-L-E-R”.

5. I have a good f________, her name’s Mary. 6. His car _________ (号码) is PF090.

7. This is Alice Green. His f________ name is Alice. And Green is his last name. 8. I am Bob, I am in ________(中国) now. 9. — What’s this in English? — It’s a y________ cup. 10. — What _______(颜色) is it? — It’s purple.

1. The ruler and the pen ________ blue. 2. This is a quilt, _________ quilt is green. 3. Cows(奶牛) are ________ and white. 4. — ______ he Mike?

— No, he isn’t.

5. There are ________ days in a week(周). 6. — Look, this is my _________.

— It’s so beautiful. 7. — What’s ________ name?



英 语

满分 100 分,考试时间 90 分钟(注:所有答案都必须做在答题卷上)

一、听力(本题有 15 小题,第一、二节每小题 1 分,第三节每小题 2 分,共 20 分)

第一节:听小对话,请从 A、B、C 三个选项中选出符合对话内容的图片。 1. Where are the keys?


B. C.

2. Who are in the photo?


B. C.

3. What does Jack like?


B. C.

4. What can you buy from Bill’s aunt’s store?


B. C.

5. What does Sam think is boring?


B. C.

第二节:听长对话,回答问题。听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 6~7 两小题。 6. When is Alan’s birthday? A. Next Sunday. 7. What does Alan like? A. Chicken.

B. Milk.

C. Hamburgers.

B. Next Saturday.

C. Next Monday.

听下面一段较长的对话,回答第 8~10 三小题。 8. What’s the man’s telephone number? A. 81396454.

B. 83196454.

J 七年级英语期未试题 第 1 页(共 6 页){2016到2017学年度第一学期阶段性质量调研亲七年级英语试题}.

C. 83169454.

9. What does the man want for his shop?

A. Sweaters.

B. T-Shirts. C. Skirts.

10. How much are all the T-shirts?

A. 50.

B. 10. C. 5.

第三节:听独白,请从 A、B、C 三个选项中选择正确的选项,完成下面的信息记录表。

B. student B. April B. a School Day B. play the games B. busy

C. friend C. June

11. A. teacher

12. A. March

13. A. a book sale

C. a school trip C. sell the old books C. easy

14. A. meet some friends

15. A. fun

笔试部分(80 分)

二、单项填空(本题有 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)

16. —Tom, let’s

—B. / ; an

C. a ; the

English class soon.

D. the ; an

A. a ; an

17. — It’sA. apple

B. rice

? —OK, mum. C. egg

D. carrot

18. ——Really? They’re A. for; at

a good price. B. in; at

$5 at Joe’s Store.

C. for; on —C. It’s boring.

C. a fine day


D. in; for

19. —I’m going to Shanghai for a trip tomorrow.

A. I think so.

B. I like it. — It’sB. Saturday

D. Have a good time.

20. —What day is it today?

A. January 23 21. — Is that the boy’s car?

D. weekday

. D. his

A. mine B. yours C. hers

J 七年级英语期未试题 第 2 页(共 6 页)

22. — How about this bag? —A. spells

B. needs

nice, I’ll take it. C. looks there.

D. sounds

23. —Let's go to Jinjiang Mall. All the things —Great. Let's go there on weekends. A. on sale

B. in English

is it?

C. on TV —It's 50 dollars. C. How old —D. for sure

24. — A. Who

B. Where D. How much

25. —Hey, you look really great in this red skirt.

A . I’m fine

B. Thank you

C. Yes, please D. You’re welcome

三、完形填空(本题有 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分)

Hi!I'm Zhang Ling. I'm a student of Class 3,Grade 7. My school life is very classes every day from Monday to Friday. I think we have too many classes. o’clock. In the afternoon,we have two

classes. Every day we have Chinese、math、English、science、history、music and some other subjects. I like to sing and dance with my classmates. So is my favorite subject. It is interesting. I don’t like science, it's too difficult. Do you think so? at 3:00. After school,I like to play soccer with my friends. It’san hour . But my favorite sport is volleyball. And I can play it very 26. A. boring 27. A. six 28. A. morning 29. A. English 30. A. And 31. A. have 32. A. us 33. A. under 34. A. good 35. A. Can

B. busy B. seven B. afternoon B. science B. So B. finish B. you B. on B. well B. Are

you like your school life?

C. difficult C. eight C. evening C. history C. But C. come C. her C. in C. nice C. Do

D. short D. nine D. lunch D. music D. After D. need D. him D. for D. fine D. Does

J 七年级英语期未试题 第 3 页(共 6 页)

四、阅读理解((本题有 15 小题,每小题 2 分,共 30 分)



A black dog with two white ears. If you find it, please call 335-4556. Many thanks. Book sale

Harry Potter—by Joanne Kathleen Rowling. It’s only $ 15. Call 336-5406. An English Party

In Class One, Grade Seven in No. 3 Middle School. Monday, December 15th, at eight a. m . Call Mary at 334-5406. Soccer Club

Mr. Green helps you play soccer in Green School.

Call Bob at 336-5 506 for more information. (信息) On Sunday .

The dog is _.

B. white and has two long ears D. black and has two black ears C. 334-5406 C. thirteen C. in Green School C. read books

D. 336-5406 D. fifteen


A. black and has two white ears C. white and has two small ears 37. A. 336- 5506 38. A. nine

39. A. at eight p. m. 40. A. play games

to have an English Party.

B. 335- 4556 B. ten B. at Mary’s home B. play soccer


dollars, you can buy the book Harry Potter.

D. on December 15th D. play volleyball

in Green School on Sunday.

Today is May 20th. It is my birthday. When I have some bread at 7:30. My parents say“ Happy birthday, Lucy !” to me , “Thank you , Mom and Dad ,” I answer. My father gives(给)me a blue box and there is a book in it. My mother gives me a red box and there is a skirt in it. My brother Ken calls me from UK at 11:30. He says he misses(思念) us very much and he will go home next week.

In the afternoon, I get some things from my friends too. Ben , one of my good friends , gives me a big yellow box. It is a basketball. He knows I like playing basketball. Alice gives me a small white box. A nice cup is in it. And on my bed there is a green box. A note (便条) is in it. It says , “I’m your gift , and I’m in your bookcase ” Aha, it’s a radio ! It’s from my friend, Mary. In the evening, we have a birthday dinner at home. I blow out the candles(蜡烛) on the birthday cake and make a wish(许愿). Do you know how many candles? There are thirteen.

You see, I’m a very happy girl. My family and my friends love me so much.

J 七年级英语期未试题 第 4 页(共 6 页)

41. _.

A. school things B. blue and red C. in nice boxes D. from Lucy’s family 42. .

A. cup B. skirt C. basketball D. phone call 43. How old is Lucy?

A. 11. B. 12. C. 13. D. I don’t know. 44. Who isn’t at the birthday dinner?

A. Ben. B. Lucy’s brother. C. Alice. D. Lucy’s parents and friends. 45. Where is the gift from Mary?

A. On a bed. B. In a red box. C. In a bookcase. D. In a small box.


Tom is ten years old this year. He is in Grade Two(二年级).He doesn't work hard at school. His teacher doesn't like him. But Tom thinks he is the cleverest (最聪明的) student in his class. And he to his mother,“Mom, I am very hungry. Can I have some food to eat?”“Supper is not ready now, but there are two cakes on the plate. You can eat them first.”When he sees the two cakes,Tom says, “Mother,I have three cakes now. Look!This is the first cake. This is the second cake. One and two is three. I am very clever.”“Yes,you're very clever,” says his mother.“Now give me the first cake, your father will eat the second cake,and you eat the third one.”

46. Tom doesn’t, so his teacher doesn't like him.

A. do his homework B. go to school on time C. work hard at school D. listen to his teacher in class 47. A. math B. Chinese C. English D. homework 48. The underlined word “hungry ” in Chinese.

A.饿的 B.高兴的 C.悲伤的 D.口渴的 49. Where are the two cakes? A. On the bed. B. On the chair. C. On the plate. D. On the table. 50. Can Tom eat the third cake?

A. I don’t know. B. No. he can’t. C. Yes, he can. He can only eat this cake. D. Yes, he can. And he can eat all these cakes. 五、词汇运用(本题有 15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分)

(A ) 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容和所给中文提示,写出空白处各单词的正确形式。每空一词。 Hello, my name is Tom. I am an American boy. I’m in China with my father. He’s thirty-nine years old. (跑步) every morning and then takes a bus 上班). I usually walk to school and 午餐) 健康的) food. I can’t speak 好). I think it 困难的). My friend Li Ming 帮助) 打二十日). His (颜色) are blue, black and white. We are good friends.

J 七年级英语期未试题 第 5 页(共 6 页)


2016-2017 学年度第一学期调研测试题

七 年 级 英 语

本试题分第 I 卷(选择题)和第 II 卷(非选择题)两部分,共 10 页,满分 150 分。考试 时间为 120 分钟。

答卷前,请考生务必将自己的班级、姓名、座号和准考证号填写在答题卡上,并同时将 姓名、准考证号和座号填写在试卷规定的位置。考试结束后,将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。

第 I 卷(选择题 共 95 分)


每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑;如需改动,用橡 皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案标号。 I.听力测试(30 分)

A)听录音, 在每组句子中选出一个你所听到的句子。每个句子听一遍。 1. A. He is my brother. B. Her name is Linda. C. We are friends. 2. A. Are these your books? B. Do you like bananas? C. Is this your pencil box? 3. A. Tom lost his watch. B. My ruler is in the bag. C. That is my cousin Bill. 4. A. Who is that woman? B. When is your art class? C. Why do you like math? 5. A. Have a good day! B. Nice to meet you, Mary. C. Let’s play computer games. B)听录音,从每题 A、B、C 三幅图画中选出与听到的对话内容相符的一项。每段对话听两遍。



B. C.


A. B. C.

8. A. B. C.



B. C.

10. A. B. C.

C)在录音中,你将听到一段对话及五个问题。请根据对话内容及问题选择正确答案。对话 及问题听两遍。 11. A. P.E.. 12. A. In March. 13. A. Miss Green. 14. A. She’s six. 15. A. History.

问题听两遍。 16. A. Eric.

17. A. In his schoolbag. 18. A. Alan. 19. A. Blue. 20. A. On Monday.

B. Jack. B. On the table. B. Alan’s father. B. Red. B. On Friday.

C. Bill. C. In the box. C. Alan’s mother. C. Yellow. C. On Sunday.

B. Math. B. In May. B. Mr. Smith. B. She’s eight. B. English.

C. Music. C. In July. C. Mrs. Black. C. She’s ten. C. Art.

D)在录音中, 你将听到一篇短文及五个问题。请根据短文内容及问题选择正确答案。短文及

II.读音选词 根据所给句意和音标,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(5 分) 21. A. fat B. set 22. A. fun

/ get / it. C. hat

D. get D. nice D. short D. fine D. model

/ faɪv / boys are my classmates.

B. five C. nine

/∫ɔ:t / for me.

C. first C. right

23. A. fruit B. skirt 24. This is my mom’sA. big 25. Bob’sA. number

rɪŋ/. B. ring

mɪdl / school teacher. B. purple C. middle

III.选择填空 从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(30 分) 26. –Hello! What’s your name?

–A. Nice to meet you! –A. Good morning! 28. ––Yes, thank you. A. Be

B. Am

C. Is

D. Are

B. Good afternoon!

C. Good evening!

D. I’m OK.

B. My name is Amy.

C. How are you?

D. Yes, I am.

27. –Good evening, Ms. Brown!

29. father is a teacher.

A. He

B. He’s

C. We

30. –What’s that in English?


A. a B. an C. the 31. ––Yes, I do. A. pear

B. apple

C. banana 32. –Are those your pencils?


A. I’m not B. it isn’t C. they aren’t 33. first name is Dora, and her last name is Read.

A. father

B. cousin C. uncle

34. –Where is the basketball?

–It’sthe table.

A. to B. on

C. in

35. –your eraser?

–No. I think it’s Jenny’s.

A. that B. these C. those 36. This ruler is my sister ’s.A. her

B. his

C. hers

37. –Is English difficult?

–No, it’sA. busy

B. easy

C. blue

38. –Do you have a watch?


A. do

B. have

C. am

39. –is the girl?

–She is my sister Lucy. A. What B. How C. Why

40. I like science, too. A. and B. but

C. so

41. on TV.

A. me

B. we

C. they

D. His

D. /

D. bread

D. you aren’tD. brother

D. under

D. there

D. yours D. tidy

D. has

D. Who

D. because

D. them

42. –Do you like the purple shorts?

–YA. like B. look

C. take

43. –

–That sounds good. A. Thank you. B. Let’s play soccer.

C. Have a good day!

44. the bookcase. A. two B. four

C. five

45. –What color is Betty’s T-shirt?

–It’sA. green B. great

C. small

46. A. in

B. at

C. on

47. I play tennis with my friend after class. It’s great fun.



C. 48. –is the School Day?

–It’s in June.

A. Where B. When

C. How old 49. –I don’t like chicken.

–Really? It’s.

A. food B. sport

C. fruit 50. I don’t like history because it’s.

A. useful B. boring C. relaxing 51. is from 3:00 to 4:00. It’s cool.

A. lesson B. teacher C. classroom

52. –Does Mike like hamburgers?


A. like B. likes

C. is

53. –What’s your favorite month?


A. Saturday

B. Geography

C. February

D. find

D. I’m sorry.

D. six

D. long

D. from


D. How much

D. vegetable D. interesting

D. dictionary

D. does

D. Strawberry

54. Ella doesn’tA. brother 55. –?

–Because it’s healthy. A. Is this your cup? C. Where’s the cup?

白处的最佳答案。(10 分)

B. brothers


C. brother ’s

D. brothers’

B. Does the boy like milk? D. Why do you like milk?

IV.完形填空 阅读短文,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个能填入文章中相应空

My father is a science teacher, is a history teacher. Their All their a brother. His name is Ben. only five. His birthday is 27th. I’ll go to the stores with my parents after school. My parents want to buy a sweater for Ben buy a soccer ball for Ben. I think Ben will have a happy birthday. 56. A. two 57. A. students 58. A. father 59. A. boring 60. A. us 61. A. have 62. A. Me 63. A. on 64. A. nice 65. A. so

B. three B. teachers B. mother B. favorite B. her B. love B. We B. in B. easy B. but

C. five C. players C. aunt C. interesting C. you C. help C. He C. at C. old C. after

D. fourteen D. computers D. uncle D. difficult D. them D. come D. She D. to D. cool

D. because V.补全

对话 阅读对话,从每题 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案完成对话。(5 分) Linda: Good morning! My name’s Linda Smith. Jack: My name’s Jack. Jack: Brown. I’m Jack Brown. Jack: Nice to meet you, too. Linda: How old are you? Jack: I’mLinda: I’m thirteen.

Jack: Who’sLinda: No, she isn’t. She is my friend Helen.



英 语



第一部分 客观试题 (75分) I、听力测试(共20小题,每小题1分,满分20分) A)听对话,选出与对话内容相符的图片

1. What does the man want to be?

A. B. C. 2. Where is Lucy?{2016到2017学年度第一学期阶段性质量调研亲七年级英语试题}.

A. B. C. 3. How does Tom get to school?

A. B. C. 4. What are Jim and Dave doing?

A. B. C. 5. How`s the weather in Beijing?

A. B. C.


6.A. Pretty good B. You are welcome C. That sounds good

7. A. Thank you B. The same to you C. That`s all right

8. I`m very glad B. Have a good time C. It`s a good place

9. A. It`s nice B. I bought it yesterday C. Of course you can

10. A. Unfriendly B. Raining C. Yes, they were.


11. What time does Jennifer go to bed?

A. At 9:00 B. At 10:00 C. At 11:00

12. Why does Jim like dolphins?

A. Because they`re exciting. B. Because they are cute C. Because they`re fun

13.Where is the pay phone?

A. It`s next to the library. B. It`s next to the supermarket C. It`s across from the supermarket

14. Where can they listen to music at school?

A. in the hallways B. in the classroom C. in the computer rooms

15. What are they doing?

A. They are watching a movie B. they are watching TV C. they are in the park.

D)听下面一段短文,从题中所给的A,B ,C三个选项中选出最佳选项。短文读两遍。你有15秒钟的读题时间,现在开始读题。

16.Tom went to visit his uncle with________

A. his mother B. his father C. his sister

17.they went there________

A. by bike B. on foot C. by bus

18. His uncle`s home is_______ their home.

A. far from B. near C. next to

19. Tom ran on the bus because_________

A. he was very sad B. he wanted the bus to go fast C. he was unhappy.

20. Mother told Tom to _______

A.sit down B. run C. walk around.


21.— Would you like ________ something for me?

— Of course. I enjoy ________ very much.

A. to cook; to cook B. cooking; to cook

C. to cook; cooking D. cooking; cooking

22、— ________ big river it is!

— Yes. I am afraid I can’t swim ________ it.

A. What; cross B. How; past

C. What a; across D. How a; over

23. — ________ is it from the school to the zoo?

— Only five kilometers.

A. How far B. How much

C. How old D. How many

24. — What‘s the ________, Sonia?

— Well, I lost my glasses.

A. weather B. number C. problem D. question

25. — How about the gongbao chicken?

— Wow, it ________ good.

A. looks B. sounds C. feels D. tastes

26. — Please ________ late for school.

— Sorry, I ________.

A. isn’t; don’t B. aren’t; won’t

C. don’t be; won’t D. not be; don’t

27— Excuse me, Linda. Is there ________ beef in the soup?

— No, there isn’t. But there is ________ mutton in it.

A. any; some B. some; someC. any; any D. some; any

28. — Can you tell me ________ the library is?

— Go along this road. You can find it ________.

A. what; easy B. where; easily






第一部分 共有10道小题,每题1分,共10分。

(A) 从A、B、C三幅图中找出与你所听内容相符的选项。听两遍。 ( )1.

A.( )2.

B. C.

A.( )3.

B. C .

A.( )4.

B. C.

A.( )5.



A. B. C.

(B) 听对话,根据所听对话及问题选择正确答案。听两遍。 ( )6. What date is it today?

A. It‟s the first of June. B. It‟s the first of July. C. It‟s the first of January. ( )7. What is Liu Tao doing? A. Liu Tao‟s washing his face.

B. Liu Tao‟s having breakfast.C. Liu Tao‟s playing football.

( )8. Where is the sweater ? A. It is on the chair.

B. It is on the bed. C. It is on the ground.

( )9. What does that mean ?

A. You must stay away from the building. B. You shouldn‟t make noise here. C. We shouldn‟t park our car here. ( )10. Where is the key? A. In the study.

B. In his bedroom.

C. In the bathroom.

(C)听下面几段对话,选择正确答案。听两遍。 听下面一段材料,回答第11-12题。 ( )11.His brithday is on_________ A.April 20

B.April 25

C.April 28

( )12.He would like a_______ as a birthday present. A.football




( )13.A.6 ( )14.A.12 ( )15.A.9

B.9 B.9 B.6

C.12 C.6 C.12

(D)听短文,选择正确答案。听两遍。 ( )16. Mr Smith is ______ in the park . A. taking pictures

B. running

C. taking a walk

( )17. Mr Smith finds a sweater ________. A. on the grass

B. in the tree

C. under the tree

( )18. ______ comes up to Mr Smith and asks him to go away. A. A policeman

B. An old man

C. A park keeper

( )19. The sweater is _______. A. Mr Smith‟s

B. David‟s C. the park keeper‟s

( )20. The park keeper says _____ to Mr Smith. A. sorry

B. hello

C. good morning

二、单项选择题(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分) ( )21. My sister likes music

A. a B. an C.the. D.不填 ( )22.Now let‟s our new classmates. A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. to meeting

( )23.Millie likes , she often plays basketball on Sundays. A. sport, the B. sports, / C. sport, a D. sports, the ( )24.I‟m in this year.

A. grade 7 B.7 grade C. the Grade 7 D. Grade 7 ( )25.Now Sam lives his family in Shanghai A. at B. with C. of


( . She is a good dancer. A. dancing

B. dancer C. dance D. dances

( . A. read

B. reads

C. to read D. reading

( )28.—Are you new students? — .

A. Yes, we aren‟t B. No, we are C. Yes, I am D. No, we aren‟t ( )29. Everyone ______ here now. Let‟s ________. A. are , begin B. are, to begin C. is , to start D. is ,start ( )30. Mum, my teacher Miss Li.

A. She is B. That is C. This is D. this is ( )31. Where Andy from?

A. does, is B. does, is come C. does, come D.do, come ( )32. You look ___________ today.

A. a happy B. happy C. happily D. happiness ( )33. Messi(梅西) is a top football_________ in the world.

A. play B. playor C. player D. playing ( )34. I‟m _________ Sunshine Football Team.





( )1.Thanks your help.

A.at B.for C.of D.to

( )2. are his brothers.

A.That B.It C.These D.This

( )3.That is ruler.

A.a her B.she C.her D.hers

( )4.This is eraser.

A.an B.a C.the D. this

( )5.What’s this English?

A.for B.in C.of D. on

( )6.I have a green sweater, I don’t like it.

A. and B. or C. so D. but ( )7.My father’s mother is my .

A.aunt B.sister C.grandmother D.grandfather

( )8.Jim is his name.

A.first B.last C.family D. full

( )9.--How do you spell it? --___________________.

A.It’s a ruler B.A ruler C.It’s my ruler D.R―U―L―E―R

( )10.―Is that a backpack? ― .

A.Yes, it’s B.No, it is C.No, it isn’t D.Yes, it isn’t

( )11.Tom and Jack are good .

A.friend B.friends C.brother D.student

( )12.―Are these your friends?

―Yes, .

A.they are B.these are C. they aren’t D.they’re

( )13.--What’s your brother’s name?

--Oh, ___ name is Tony Hand.You can call him Little Hand.

A. my B. your C. her D. his

( )14.―Is this her computer? ― .

A.No, it’s his computer B .No, it’s a TV

C.Yes, it’s my computer D. Yes, it’s a computer

( )15.Those oranges on the desk.

A.are B.is C.has C.am

2016-2017学年度第一学期 新目标英语七年级上册期中试卷(含答案)


第一部分 听力测试(25分)

Ⅰ. 听句子选择图片:你将听到五个句子,请你根据听到的内容,选择相应的图片。每个句子后你有5秒钟的答题时间。听一遍。共5题,计5分。



II. 听对话回答问题:你将听到六段对话,每段对话之后你将看到一个或几个问题。请根据听到的对话内容,选择能回答所提问题的最佳答案。每段对话之后你有5至10秒钟的答题时间。听两遍。共10小题,计10分。


( ) 6. What does the girl lose?

A. Her bag. B. Her radio. C. Her ring.


( ) 7. What does the boy find?

A. A watch. B. A box. C. A pen.


( ) 8. Where is the boy’s hat?

A. On the desk. B. On the sofa. C. On the bed.


( ) 9. The man is Cindy’s ________.

A. father B. uncle C. brother

( ) 10. Cindy is ________.

A. eight B. seven C. six


( ) 11. Where’s Julia’s pencil?

A. It’s in her schoolbag. B. It’s in her pencil box. C. It’s in the bookcase.

( ) 12. What is Dave’s last name?

A. Brown. B. Hand. C. Miller.


( ) 13. ________ things are in the picture.

A. Two B. Three C. Four

( ) 14. What color is the cup?

A. Green. B. Black. C. Blue.

( ) 15. What’s Mike’s phone number?

A. 780-4351. B. 780-3415. C. 780-3451.

III. 听短文选择答案:你将听到一段短文,然后你将看到5个问题。请根据听到的短文内容选择能回答所提问题的最佳答案。听完短文之后你有1分钟的答题时间。听两遍。共5小题,计5分。

( ) 16. What can NOT you see in the boy’s room?

A. A table. B. A dog. C. A sofa.

( ) 17. Where’re the boy’s books?

A. Under the table. B. On the sofa. C. On the table.

( ) 18. Where’s the basketball(篮球)?

A. Under the chair. B. Under the desk. C. Under the bed.

( ) 19. Who’s Philip?

A. The boy’s cousin. B. The boy’s brother. C. The boy’s dog.

( ) 20. Who’s Philip’s friend?

A. A plane. B. A baseball. C. A hat.

IV. 听短文填写表格:你将听到一段短文,请根据听到的短文内容完成表格中的有关信息。听完短文之后你有1分钟的答题时间。听两遍。共5小题,计5分。

第二部分 语言知识及运用 (30分)

V. 单项选择:从下列各题所给A、B、C、D四个选项中选择一个可以填入空白处的最佳答案。共15小题,计15分。

( ) 26. --- Is that _____ orange?

--- Yes, the orange is mine.

A. a B. an C. /

( ) 27. --- Is your good friend _____ China now? D. the

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